In our workshop we use the traditional techniques of ecclesiastical embroidery and sewing. Their combination with the use of modern technological tools and our knowledge enables us to create, within short time limits, quality and valuable works of art in order to develop and make a long-term contribution to the tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Special choices of fabrics, materials and detailed designed patterns decorate our priestly vestments. Cut and sewn by hand in our workshop, adapted each time to the dimensions and wishes of the clergy.


Epigonatia designed and decorated by our experienced partners with hagiographic and embroidery knowledge. Valuable works, respectful of the long tradition of the Orthodox Church, aimed at the preservation and development of ecclesiastical art.


A rich collection of high quality clerical clothing with an artistic approach. Decorated with unique fabrics, special embroidery designs and quality materials. Designed and sewn according to the clergy’s choices.


Jewellery inspired by ecclesiastical art and crafted by experienced Greek silversmiths, adorn our jewellery collection. Emblems, crosses and cufflinks made of authentic metals, decorated with intricate motifs and special stones.


Browse among our suggestions concerning both the complete attire of a clergyman and the decoration of Holy Temples.